What's New

Avenues - 2021 is now well and truly underway! The theme for Avenues' March edition is 'Health, Hauora, and you'. I caught up with Debbie Richards, whose career has been in nursing and midwifery, but she is now focussed on bringing water cremation to this country as a greener way to go, (A Greener Departure). Existing burial and cremation legislation is being overhauled so maybe this could become an option over the next few years.

Latitude - I feel very grateful to Gary McCormick and family for sharing their story of life since the February 2011 Christchurch earthquake, marking the quake's 10th anniversary. This story made the front cover of the magazine's Feb/March edition, (Looking Back on 'The Big One'). I had a number of other features in this edition: a piece on singer-songwriter Reb Fountain, (Melody, Magic and Meaning); an interview with Dame Marilyn Waring, (Valuing Women in Aotearoa); a profile feature on artist/creative Kophie Hulsbosch, ('Meeting Meep'); and a tiny home feature, ('Boxing On'). Once again, a bumper issue!

There is a commercial side to my writing that includes some communications work. From time to time, I work with the University of Canterbury's communications team on media releases and publications. Learning about all the various research projects underway at the university - and sharing that news with the public - is a real pleasure.

I also write for Waterford Press and regularly contribute to their publications, such as Business South.

Keep the ideas coming; I do love hearing from local people with great suggestions for stories.

More coming soon!