What's New

Avenues - I'm so pleased to have contributed to the magazine's latest edition. I caught up with newly weds Raksha and Sushant Saxena who shared their wedding day story with us, ('Colour, Ritual and Celebration'). Their wedding photos are so beautiful and it was lovely learning about their Hindu ceremony too.

Latitude - I interviewed Jake Bailey for the latest August/September edition and his message of resilience seems very in step with the times, even though the story was put together before the latest COVID-19 lockdown, ('Learning Resilience'). Ahead of the Tokyo Olympics I chatted with high jump champ Hamish Kerr, ('Seven Steps and a Jump'). For this edition, I also met the founder of Christchurch's Three Boys Brewery, Ralph Bungard and put together a feature tracing the origins and evolution of this award winning  independent brew brand, ('In the Business of Beer'). 

There is a commercial side to my writing that includes some communications work. From time to time, I work with the University of Canterbury's communications team on media releases and publications. Learning about all the various research projects underway at the university - and sharing that news with the public - is a real pleasure.

I also write for Waterford Press and regularly contribute to their publications, such as Business South.

Keep the ideas coming; I do love hearing from local people with great suggestions for stories.

More coming soon!