What's New

Avenues - For the latest July edition, I caught up with craft beer brewer Dave Gaughan, owner of Eagle Brewing NZ, at his new riverside brewpub in Kaiapoi, the Port & Eagle, (Brewing by the River). It's a really attractive addition to the town. Good to see all the building activity around it now too!

Latitude - For the June/July edition I interviewed Christchurch property investors Richard Peebles, Kris Inglis and Mike Percasky for the latest on the new Riverside Market development. It'll be fantastic to see it all up and running later this year, (Meet You at the Market). I also met Camia Young, founder of the Office for Holistic Urbanism (Ohu), who is a fascinating person with a social equity perspective on commercial property development, (Building to Connect and Belong).

Homed - I've been enjoying writing for Stuff's Homed pages. Recent contributions have included pieces on 1980s decor and heat pumps!

There is a commercial side to my writing that includes some communications work and ghost writing into a regular publication. From time to time, I write editorial for University of Canterbury publications, such as Chronicle.

I also write for Waterford Press and regularly contribute to their publications.

Keep the ideas coming; I do love hearing from local people with great suggestions for stories.

More coming soon!